Reserving The Date
Wedding dates, including the rehearsal date and time, should be reserved as far in advance as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts, and to allow time for the minister to schedule meetings with you for premarital counseling, and for planning the ceremony. The Wedding Hostess will also want to meet with you to plan arrangements for the service.

The celebration of a Christian wedding is a religious occasion. First Christian Church is pleased to make available its facilities as an appropriate setting of beauty and meaning for this moment in your lives. Those who work with you will do everything possible to make your wedding a day to remember always for its sacred meaning as well as its beauty and joy. Careful planning and preparation will be required to make your wedding a joyous event to be remembered by you, your families and your friends. Our sanctuary will comfortably seat 125 people for a wedding. By opening one or both side rooms seating for up to 100 more can be added.

We are happy to make our facility available for families, groups and organizations seeking a place for meetings and special events.  Please contact Dee Anne Douville in the church office for information on availability and fees. Dee Anne can be reached at (559) 896-2691 or by email: